Most credit/ debit cards issued within the past 5 years have RFID technology embedded in them. RFID chips are a convenient way to store and read data – instead of having to swipe your card through a reader, you can simply wave your card in front of an RFID scanner without even taking it out of your wallet.

Unfortunately, the danger is that someone with the right technology could pick up your RFID information against your will - usually involves a close-up “bump” to trigger a transaction. An RFID-blocking wallet – while not completely fool proof - will increase the security of your RFID-embedded cards.

We have brought two distinct technologies - leather crafting and hi-tech - together to provide a genuine handmade leather product that will give that added layer of security.

In designing the RFID-wallet, we have installed a 2-layer electronic-fabric barrier between the outer and inner layers of the leather used in making the wallet. This provides a ‘wrap-around’ anti-theft solution for credit/bank cards and any other cards that use near-field communication (NFC) technology. We can also include this technology in our long-purse range on request.

Barrier Details
Copper / Nickel / Polyester Barrier with Interwoven Conductive Filaments - ANTI DATA THEFT - prevents CREDIT CARD data theft such as PayWave and PayPass